What Our Customers Are Saying

This place is clean, lots of parking and in a safe area. The staff is always helpful and the wash and fold service is great!

Never have I ever washed at a laundry mat place that was so CLEAN!! It's smells and looks very clean, the person who was working there was very polite and nice and man was he on top of the cleaning.

The cleanest Laundromat in the area!! All and I mean all machines are brand new and the people that work there are all friendly and helpful.

Went here today to wash a comforter - I must have had a deer in the headlights look (I don't frequent laundromats much) - and the attendant on duty asked me right away if I needed help, directed me to the best sized washer for my load, helped me get things going and even struck up some friendly conversation while I was waiting.

This place continues to be clean and friendly. I've gotten good service from both the mother and the daughter who were in attendance during different visits. This is my go-to laundromat.

I used their pickup and delivery service and I was 100% satisfied. I needed my clothes back the same day and they didn't disappoint me!

I went to the laundromat and it was soooo clean! And the staff was so friendly and professional. Everyone was so friendly. I will never go anywhere else.

If you are looking for quality results this is the place! I placed an order for pickup and got it back the next day! All my clothes were folded perfectly and when I opened my laundry bag everything smelled so good! This place rocks!